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Real Estate News – February 2023

I-T raids on prominent construction companies of Telangana
In order to investigate over irregularities in return filings over the past 4 years, Income Tax
departments carried out searches in Rajapushpa Properties Pvt Ltd, Muppa Projects India Pvt Ltd,
Vertex Homes, Vasudha Pharma Pvt Ltd, Vashista Homes, Vanaja Housing Gardens, Vanaja
Farms and Estates, Ekadanta Farms and Estates, Green Villa, Agro Pvt Ltd, North Point Agro
Pharma, Vashista Infra Pvt Ltd, Vasudha Homes Pvt Ltd, Veda Bio, Vasudha Satellite Townships
Private Limited, Vijetha Builders, VRR Infra and Vasudha Comfort Living Pvt Ltd.